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Nursing - 2024

About Conference

The 43rd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference, themed "Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation and Collaboration," will be held on August 08-09, 2024, in London, UK. Organized under the conference short name Nursing 2024, this event aims to bring together leading nurses, healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, and policymakers from around the world to discuss and share insights on the latest advancements in nursing and healthcare.

The conference will feature a diverse range of keynote speeches, plenary sessions, workshops, and poster presentations, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to engage with experts in the field, exchange ideas, and learn about cutting-edge innovations and best practices. Topics of discussion will include but are not limited to, nursing education and practice, healthcare policy and management, mental health nursing, patient safety, and quality care.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities that will enable them to drive positive change and contribute to the transformation of healthcare delivery and outcomes. Join us at Nursing 2024 as we work together to shape the future of healthcare through innovation and collaboration.

Why to attend?

  1. Gain Insights: Engage with leading experts and practitioners in nursing and healthcare, and gain valuable insights into the latest advancements, trends, and best practices in the field.

  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from around the world, expand your professional network, and forge collaborations that can enhance your career and research endeavors.

  3. Professional Development: Participate in workshops, panel discussions, and sessions designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in nursing education, practice, research, and management.

  4. Stay Updated: Stay abreast of the latest developments in nursing and healthcare, including emerging technologies, innovative practices, and policy changes.

  5. Presentation Opportunities: Showcase your research and projects through poster presentations or oral presentations, and receive valuable feedback from peers and experts.

  6. Explore London: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of London, explore its rich history, and enjoy its world-class attractions, making your conference experience unforgettable.

  7. Make a Difference: Contribute to the transformation of healthcare delivery and outcomes by sharing your knowledge, experiences, and insights with the global nursing and healthcare community.

Join us at the 43rd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference in London, UK, on August 08-09, 2024, and be a part of this exciting event that aims to shape the future of healthcare through innovation and collaboration.

Who can attend

  1. Registered Nurses: Practicing nurses from various specialties and settings, including hospitals, clinics, community health centers, long-term care facilities, and schools.
  2. Nurse Practitioners: Advanced practice nurses who provide comprehensive healthcare services, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic illnesses.
  3. Nurse Educators: Faculty members, instructors, and trainers involved in nursing education and professional development programs.
  4. Nurse Researchers: Scholars, researchers, and scientists conducting cutting-edge research in nursing science, healthcare, and related fields.
  5. Nurse Leaders and Administrators: Nursing executives, managers, and administrators responsible for overseeing healthcare delivery, quality improvement initiatives, and organizational management.
  6. Nursing Students: Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in nursing and related healthcare disciplines.
  7. Healthcare Professionals: Interdisciplinary healthcare professionals, including physicians, pharmacists, therapists, social workers, and public health practitioners interested in nursing and healthcare advancements.
  8. Policy Makers and Advocates: Government officials, policymakers, and healthcare advocates involved in shaping healthcare policy, regulation, and advocacy efforts.
  9. Industry Representatives: Representatives from healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other healthcare-related industries interested in networking and collaboration opportunities.

Nursing 2024 encourages participation from individuals at all stages of their nursing careers, from students to seasoned professionals, as well as those with a vested interest in advancing nursing and healthcare worldwide.

Participant Options & Benefits

  1. Full Conference Registration: Participants opting for full conference registration will have access to all sessions, workshops, and networking events throughout the conference. This option provides the most comprehensive experience, allowing attendees to maximize their learning and networking opportunities.

  2. Virtual Attendance: For participants unable to travel to the conference venue, virtual attendance options are available. Virtual attendees will have access to live streams of select sessions, as well as on-demand access to recorded sessions, allowing for flexibility in participation.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the opportunity to network with leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of nursing and healthcare. Networking events, such as receptions and social gatherings, will provide a platform for participants to connect and exchange ideas.

  4. Professional Development: The conference offers a range of workshops, seminars, and sessions designed to enhance participants' professional development. Participants will gain valuable insights into the latest trends, research, and best practices in nursing and healthcare.

  5. Presentation Opportunities: Participants can showcase their research and projects through poster presentations or oral presentations, providing a platform to receive feedback from peers and experts.

  6. Access to Exhibits: Participants will have access to exhibits showcasing the latest products, services, and technologies in the field of nursing and healthcare. This provides an opportunity to learn about new innovations and developments that can enhance their practice.

Attendees Benefits:
  • Accepted abstracts will receive publication in the esteemed "Journal of Nursing & Care" and will be assigned a DOI for citation, ensuring global visibility and recognition for your research efforts.
  • The conference serves as a vibrant platform for global networking, fostering the exchange of ideas and collaborations among professionals from diverse corners of the globe.
  • Attendees will have the invaluable opportunity to connect with esteemed experts in their respective fields, engage in expert forums, and partake in career development sessions tailored to propel their professional growth.
  • Moreover, special sessions dedicated to young scientists will feature awards and avenues to showcase their groundbreaking work, nurturing innovation and excellence within the field.
  • Recognition for outstanding posters and start-ups will further incentivize ingenuity, driving forward the frontier of knowledge and practice.
  • Participants can also engage in pre-conference and conference workshops, where they will gain hands-on experience and glean insights from leading authorities in the field.
  • Symposiums dedicated to the latest research findings will provide a platform for profound discussions and learning from cutting-edge discoveries.

We invite you to Join us at the 43rd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference in London, UK, on August 08-09, 2024, and take advantage of these participant options and benefits to enhance your knowledge, skills, and professional network in the field of nursing and healthcare.

Session and Track

  1. Nursing Education and Practice: This track may focus on innovations in nursing education, training, and practice, and discuss the latest trends and best practices in the field.

  2. Healthcare Policy and Management: This track may address key issues in healthcare policy and management, including healthcare reform, policy development, healthcare economics, and quality improvement.

  3. Mental Health Nursing: This track may explore the latest advancements and strategies in mental health nursing, with a focus on innovative approaches and evidence-based practices.

  4. Patient Safety and Quality Care: This track may discuss strategies for improving patient safety and quality of care, including best practices, patient-centered care, and quality improvement initiatives.

  5. Global Health and Nursing: This track may focus on global health issues and the role of nursing in addressing global health challenges, including infectious diseases, maternal and child health, and health disparities.

  6. Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice: This track may highlight cutting-edge nursing research and the importance of evidence-based practice in improving patient outcomes and advancing the nursing profession.

  7. Nursing Leadership and Management: This track may focus on developing leadership skills among nurses, effective management practices in healthcare settings, and strategies for enhancing the role of nurses in leadership positions.

  8. Pediatric Nursing: This track may cover topics related to pediatric healthcare, including pediatric nursing care, pediatric diseases and conditions, and advancements in pediatric healthcare practices.

  9. Geriatric Nursing: This track may address issues related to the care of elderly patients, including geriatric nursing assessment, geriatric syndromes, and strategies for promoting health and well-being in older adults.

  10. Community and Public Health Nursing: This track may explore the role of nurses in promoting community and public health, including community health assessment, health promotion, and disease prevention strategies.

  11. Critical Care Nursing: This track may focus on the care of critically ill patients, including advanced nursing interventions, critical care nursing management, and ethical considerations in critical care.\

  12. Nursing Informatics: This track may discuss the use of technology and informatics in nursing practice, including electronic health records, telehealth, and data analytics for improving patient care.

  13. Oncology Nursing: This track may cover topics related to cancer care, including oncology nursing interventions, symptom management, and palliative care for cancer patients.

  14. Occupational Health Nursing: This track may address issues related to occupational health and safety, including workplace hazards, occupational health assessments, and strategies for promoting a healthy work environment.

  15. Holistic Nursing: This track may focus on holistic approaches to nursing care, including integrative therapies, mind-body interventions, and the promotion of overall health and wellness.

Market Analysis

The healthcare services market has witnessed robust growth, expanding from $8,348.44 billion in 2023 to $8,963.64 billion in 2024, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4%. This growth trajectory is expected to continue, with the market projected to reach $10,908.99 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.0%. Factors driving this growth include advancements in medical technology, an aging population, expanded health insurance coverage, government healthcare programs, and healthcare regulations. Additionally, the forecasted period anticipates further expansion due to the ongoing evolution of telehealth and digital health services, addressing healthcare workforce shortages, and advancing health equity initiatives. Major trends in the forecast period include the integration of telemedicine, patient-centered care, preventive care and wellness initiatives, personalized medicine approaches, and healthcare consolidation efforts.

The remarkable improvements in healthcare over the last decade can be attributed to the intersection of medical and technological breakthroughs, leading to enhanced survival rates and quality of life for patients. High-tech diagnostic and therapeutic equipment seamlessly align with clinical practices, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes. Notable advancements include a 70% enhancement in survival rates for heart attack patients and a two-thirds reduction in mortality rates among cancer patients. The expansion of healthcare services encompasses various types, such as medical and diagnostic laboratory services, dental services, home healthcare, residential nursing care services, mental health facilities, hospitals, outpatient care centers, physicians' services, and ambulance services. These services cater to both public and private sectors, benefiting individuals of all genders.

The healthcare services market research report offers comprehensive insights into market statistics, including global market size, regional shares, competitor analysis, market segments, trends, and opportunities. It provides valuable information for thriving in the healthcare services industry, analyzing current and future scenarios. The growth of healthcare services is fueled by increasing healthcare expenditures, which enhance access to care and reduce barriers for a larger population segment. For instance, healthcare spending in the United States reached $12,914 per person in 2021, totaling $4.3 trillion, showcasing a 2.7% increase from the previous year. However, government provision of healthcare services, particularly free or subsidized offerings, may pose constraints to private providers. For instance, the UK's National Health Service (NHS) offers free healthcare to residents and visitors, potentially limiting opportunities for private providers.

Shared medical appointments (SMAs) are gaining global adoption as a cost-effective means to optimize healthcare resources. This model involves multiple patients being seen together by a multidisciplinary medical team, complementing traditional one-on-one appointments. SMAs offer individual evaluation and disease management while providing counseling in a group setting. They address a wide range of medical conditions, including diabetes, asthma, cancer, and stress, offering personalized care and fostering patient education and support. The increasing integration of SMAs demonstrates a strategic approach to improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date August 08-09, 2024

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